Removing makeup without makeup remover

Who says you need to invest in a hideously overpriced makeup remover?

And what if you run out of makeup remover? Here are a few inexpensive and effective ways to get your warpaint off:

Cold cream: Everyone has a tub of cold cream lying around in their house. Slap on some cold cream all over your face or only on those areas where you have applied makeup. Keep it on for about five minutes giving your skin time to soak up the cream. Wipe your face with some cotton balls and then wash your face with a cleanser.

Baby oil: Dip a cotton ball in baby oil and wipe off every last bit of makeup. Use a washcloth dipped in warm water to wipe off the excess oil left on your face. Baby oil works especially well to clean out mascara. Hold the cotton ball around your eyelashes for at least three minutes such that they are clamped in between the cotton ball. Let the baby oil loosen up the mascara off your lashes and wipe clean.

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